Spill the Tea - A Short Film
Two hotheads settle their life-long grievances after a cup of tea is spilled at an elegant dinner party. Meanwhile, a monotonous Greg watches on.
Created as a group directing project at Biola University, we collaborated together on the story idea, found actors on Backstage, shot the project, and edited the piece as part of an assignment. All of us worked effectively together and we are proud of the process and execution of the idea.
Greg: Bryan Eid
Lillian: Loren Mendez
Buck: Larenz Stevenson
Director: Karen Corbett | Portfolio
Writer/Director of Photography: Sarah Hanna
Producer/Sound Engineer: Kyle Venberg
Editor/Boom Operator: Derek Berexa
Art Department: Emily Homoki
First Assistant Director: Lauren McBride
First Assistant Camera: Mari Ruggels
Key Grip: Corrie Myhr
Set PA: Jon Asato
Set PA: Emma Spies
Gear we used:
Canon C200
Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve

Special thanks to Amelia Vance for the location!

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