A photographer at 24 frames per second.

Above Biola

In the novel Flatland, Edwin A. Abbott, explores the idea of living in a one dimensional society. This creative interpretation project parallels a section of the story of Flatland.


PLace yourself in a world where you can only see forward, not above or below, but only straight in front.

Imagine a one-dimensional world,


Picture losing your sense of three dimensions, which forces you to hear and rely on the sense of SPATIAL-deprived sight.

without any sense of depth or dimension.


After Reading the novel, Flatland, I decided to take a creative approach. An approach that saw our present reality from a Different perspective.

In this creative project, I took aerial photographs which mimic the perspective the main character saw when taken to Spaceland, the land of three-dimensions, towards the end of the novel. This perspective opened the main character’s eyes as he noticed that from the perspective of Spaceland, he could see everything in Flatland, including the buildings, individuals, and everything in between. These images represent what the main character would have seen of Flatland from the view of Spaceland. Imagine Biola University (pictured below) being Flatland and the aerial photography perspective being the view of Flatland from Spaceland. If you intend to share these image, please contact me prior to sharing. Thank you!