5 Power-Ups for Your Insider Threat Program
My largest led project, to date.
36 minutes and 24 seconds of polished educational course material created for my senior portfolio capstone project for Biola University in collaboration with Code42.
For the last year and few months, I have had the privilege of interning at Code42, a leader in the insider threat space. Up to the point of leading this project, I have worked alongside a professional education team tasked with creating video and instructor-led courses to educate others about Code42 and their technologies in the insider threat space.
What was my role for this project?
• Remotely collaborating and directing the host over Zoom, to ensure proper recorded material.
• Logistically organizing expert-led section remote recording sessions.
• Designing a remote audio recording pipeline for recording experts through Google Meet.
• Cataloging and organization of all footage and voice-over.
• Quickly learned Adobe Character Animator to create a polished animation.
• Found narration talent using Fiverr.com to complement animation.
• Used Adobe dynamic link to link projects connected with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.
• Designed all graphic animations inside of dynamically linked Adobe After Effects compositions.
• Held a high attention to detail for all projects to ensure consistency in visuals, animations, and audio levels.
• Built workflows for round-tripping between Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.
• Exported all review versions using custom-built export preset.
• Implemented team notes and oversaw the final export process for sending to client.
Where can I see this workflow or the behind-the-scenes?
If you'd like to see my workflow or ask questions about the process, feel free to schedule a meeting! To see some behind-the-scenes, screengrabs, check out the images below!

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