Hey! My name is Kyle.

I create videos, mobile apps, & websites.

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I love projects

I really love to make projects. Whether it is a video promotion, mobile app, website, or another type of project, I would really like to help you out.

I am constantly learning

Whether I am learning new video skills to new coding techniques, I use that knowledge learned to help improve my future projects.

New opportunities

Whenever I receive a new project, I can’t wait to learn. Since I have many different interest areas, each project presents itself new learning.

“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” STEVE JOBS

Recent projects

Robots Among Us

For my Lights Academy capstone project, I researched how robots and automated processes are seen in our everyday lives.

The Secret Guide to Getting Hired

For my first semester project, I learned about the job hiring process for many different types of businesses.

The Art of Persuasion

In one of my Lights Academy mini-projects, I learned about persuasion and what the best practices are and what should be avoided.